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    modular Doorphone

    Price: from 199 BGN w/o VAT

    Analog modular doorphone

    - IP net colour camera
    - Connection to an extension analog line of any PBX
    - Voice communication via an analog line
    - Video via IP network camera or alternatively CCD coax colour or B/W camera
    - RFID autonomous reader module, up to 500 cards
    - optional expansion to max. 2,000 cards
    - 12V power supply
    - IP42 rating
    - Modular system allows to connect 1 to 64 buttons
    - Voice communication is supplied from a telephone line only
    - Impulse and tone dialing (DTMF)
    - Two 16-digit numbers with each button (including *, #, Flash and Pause)
    - Day/night switching
    - Possibility of call extension by * or # choice
    - Possible to connect two independent locks for door opening
    - Possible use of 5 switch modes (e.g. camera, lighting, gradual opening)
    - Two codes for hanging up the door phone by telephone
    - Two codes for door opening from telephone
    - Six code locks (password from buttons at the door)
    - Possibility to connect a numerical keyboard in a way the door phone can include 0 – 18 standard buttons
    - Keyboard mode - either direct dialing or dialing from memory
    - Optional number of rings before answering an incoming call
    - Optional time between button pressing by code entry
    - Optional time of hanging up when the choice is repeated
    - Optional time before choice starts
    - Optional parameters of tone choice, length of Flash and Pause
    - Company settings in some levels
    - Besides the company settings it is possible to preset according to two examples
    - Possible programming not only by remote control, but also by direct connection to PC
    - Integrated heating of printed circuit
    - Permanent lighting through visiting cards
    - Earthing outlet for better protection against static electricity

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