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    Aastra 6757

    Price: 419 BGN w/o VAT

    Hihg-end digital phone set with large LCD screen for displaying the labels of 20 programmable keys

    Main features:
    - LCD screen – 11 lines – 144x128 pixels (not backlighted)
    - Hands free / Amplified listening
    - Mute key / redial key
    - Directory key to access the call by name feature
    - Personal directory for 100 names
    - 6 programmable keys with associated leds (for intercom features, filtering, secretary/director feature)
    - 20 programmable keys with associated leds & LCD screen labelling – 4 pages of
    - 5 keys each
    - 5 interactive keys
    - 1 shortcut key for call by name
    - 2 keys L1 & L2
    - MWI / ringing / unanswered calls
    - 16 ringing melodies
    - Speaker phone volume management
    - Handset volume management
    - Incoming call logs (50)
    - Redial call logs (10)

    This terminal has a large screen for displaying the labels of 20 programmable keys (5 of which are visible at once) and 5 interactive keys.
    The call by name function is available in the gsm like mode.
    It supports an M670 expansion module with 36 programmable keys in addition to the 20 already available on the terminal.
    The A6757 R5.4A with the M760 expansion module is available as an Attendant Console, with Aastra R5.1C. It is associated with the i2070 R5.1 application. Particularity of Aastra 6757, it can manage health and hotel features.
    This new version is compatible with the ATDC functions and with the single line set function.
    Headset jack
    Navigation key pad
    Configuration management Menu
    Wall mounted
    Telephony features : transfer, conference, hold, do not disturb

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