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    BlueGate SIP1

    Price: 440 BGN w/o VAT

    VoIP GSM gateway with 1 SIM card

    - 1 GSM channel - 1 SIM card
    - 1 VoIP channel - 1 IP address
    - Internal basic SIP proxy server for max. 10 users
    - DISA
    - SMS_Mail SW option
    - Intelligent routing of incomming SMS text messages
    - Designed for connection to SIP-PBX
    - Codecs: G.711u, G.711a, G.726, GSM
    - Quadband (850/950/1800/1900MHz) - worldwide use
    - Single user or a very small office can benefit from the simple, basic, internal SIP proxy server. Once configured in the SIP proxy server mode, you can register up to 10 IP phones directly on the gateway.

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    Phones:02/ 80 29 029,   02/ 49 21 629
    GSM:0888 029 486,    0888 029 349
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    GSM Gateway

    Established in 2003., technical and commercial specialists with high qualifications and experience in telecommunications and information technology Telenova focused on providing effective solutions in the construction of conventional, hybrid and IP telecommunication systems - telephone systems.
    Activities of Telenova mainly focuses on import, distribution, sale, installation and maintenance of telephone exchanges (and accessories), GSM gateway, hotel telephones and to design, construction and maintenance of structured cabling systems, telephone systems and computer networks.
    offered PBXs of novelas and all of our products are oriented towards providing the best solutions for communication to customers. No matter the size and activity of your company, it is essential for the successful work in a corporate environment is perfect synchronization between telecommunications components that are guaranteed to be provided if inovatovnite Take advantage of our decisions on the selection of quality telephone systems, devices gsm gateway services, ip telephony, etc.
    winning business approach and future requirements for its expansion are directly related to adaptation to dynamic changes in the transmission, reception and processing of information. In this context, the choice of suitable for the specific needs of telecommunication systems - telephone exchange is crucial for competitiveness in the modern business environment.
    Through the use of telephone exchanges from class Support a wide range of features like - rotation lines, conferencing, call forwarding, central phone book, check in and check out, integrated voice and other applications., but significantly increased the efficiency of the work, there will be complete transparency and communications with the company - already established ( impossible to implement without a PBX!) as a mandatory requirement in the world's largest companies.
    Entering the "Products" will be able to acquaint with the services offered by our company PBX models, gsm gateway, telephones, gsm controllers and many others. In the pages of individual products - exemplify the PBX, but the pictures and basic information on the specific PBX, can be downloaded and file a detailed description of the functions and capacities of their tables.


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