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    Aastra 6753

    Price: 159 BGN w/o VAT

    Digital phone set with LCD screen and 6 memory keys

    This terminal is the first of the digital family range A675x.
    Main features:
    - LCD screen – 3 lines (not back lighted)
    - Amplified listening
    - Mute key / redial key
    - Directory key to access the call by name feature
    - 6 programmable keys with associated leds (for intercom features, filtering, secretary/director feature)
    - 2 keys L1 & L2
    - MWI / ringing / unanswered calls
    - 8 ringing melodies
    - Speaker phone volume management
    - Handset volume management
    - Incoming call logs (5)
    - Configuration management Menu
    - Wall mounted
    - Telephony features : transfer, conference, hold, do not disturb.

    This is the entry-level terminal of the range, designed as a multi-line terminal which offers a flexible and inter-operable solution at an affordable price.
    Its screen enables the name of the calling party or called party to be read at a glance. The call by name function gives direct access to the Aastra directory.
    The terminal has 6 programmable keys and 2 additional keys for managing CCO. A LED indicates a new voicemail message or an unanswered call.

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