An International training course from Telenova Ltd. - ТЕЛЕНОВА ООД | Телефонни Централи | Цялостни Телекомуникационни Решения

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An International training course from Telenova Ltd.

The Telenova’s engineers provided 4 days training course of the technical staff of NATO’s KFOR military base in Novo selo camp in Kosovo. The company was chosen to do the job, as it is the Aastra exclusive Bulgarian and regional partner. The training was done on the NeXspan 50, the biggest PBX from the NeXspan range, produced by Aastra France. Five engineers from different nationalities, learned a lot for the hardware (rack, power supply, main board, duplication, different type of boards) and the software and the programming of the system. A special access with different levels was provided for every engineer. Finally, all the technical staff received a certificate for the training.

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