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Internships in Telenova

This year's internship campaign in our company has finished on 09/02/2014. This time with us was Mr. Andreas Cavasse - a student second course in business schools KEDGE BS, affiliate Bordeaux, France. Within two months to Mr. Cavasse was demonstrated all the business processes in our company, from the initial contact with the client, through the deal, installation and maintenance of the installed systems. He attended several meetings with customers who spoke English language, have been introduced to Mr. Justin Canzen responsible for Bulgaria and the region in Cetis - the leader in hotel phones, which Telenova is the exclusive representative. Also  for Mr. Cavasse meetings were organized at the French Cultural Institute, the French Bulgarian Industrial Association, UB France and attended the reception given by the Hon. Mr. Xavier de Laper Cabannes, France's ambassador to Bulgaria on the occasion of National Day on the 14th of July. Naturally, combining business with pleasure and hard work than with typical Bulgarian hospitality showed to inquisitive young man some wonderful places in Bulgaria, as Krushunski waterfalls and Belogradchik. A lot of photos of all ours cruises can be seen on our Facebook page. We were very pleased with our intern and replied without notes document that was required. Mr. Cavasse gone full of positive impressions from Bulgaria, new useful knowledge and promises for very soon return.

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